Managed Funds Could Work For You

Managed Funds have been much maligned over the years and in many cases this is with good reason, so if their so bad why are they so popular and are there any good ones? The answer to these questions is that they exist because of convenience and yes there are good ones that provide a cost effective means to get access to professional portfolio management. The increase in suitable options has largely been fuelled by changes in regulation. Rather than write an essay we’ve made a video that explains how they can help and why you can be sufficiently diversified with a single fund.

Direct Expat Introduction

Here is a a brief introduction to us, what we see as being the issue within the market and the way that we intend to correct it. Commission free investment solutions that are based on core principles of Security, Transparency & Value, we are intent on “Cutting the fat commissions from your finances”.

We want to provide simple effective investment solutions that work for you, your family and meet your long-term savings objectives take a look!

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